Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask Star Locket Acrylic Necklace Sailormoon Sailor Moon Costume Cosplay


~ A beautiful Tuxedo Mask star locket made from shiny gold mirror reflective acrylic. The face of the pendant is artwork enclosed in acrylic. This is NOT a working watch and a necklace pendant only.

~ Clean laser cut engraved design.

~ A gold coloured necklace bead and chain.

~ Adorable to wear for every day casual wear! Will also be a great conversation starter at anime conventions, Halloween parties and more!

~ In stock and ready to ship immediately! Once we sell out, we will accept pre-orders, which will take 4 weeks to process. So grab it now!

~ Upgrade your necklace chain to .925 sterling silver for only $9.99 extra.

~ Add a polishing cloth for only $1.99 and free shipping