Sailor Moon Crystal Tuxedo Mask Manga Star Silver Locket Pocket Watch Necklace Cosplay



~ This is a working beautiful pocket watch that Tuxedo Mask uses in the manga and in the new tv series, Sailor Moon crystal.

~ The face of the watch features the romantic moon and stars portrait accurate to the manga design.

~ The star pocket watch is made out of a silver coloured metal alloy. The diameter is approximately 6mm long and 1.2 cm high. The batteries can last up to 2 years long. It can be taken to a watch repair/jewellery shop and they can easily replace the battery just like any standard pocket watch.

~ Yes this is a WORKING watch! Great to use as a timer for school tests and exams!

~ The necklace chain is 65 cm and can be worn as a necklace, it is made out of platinum plated on .925 silver.

~ Perfect for any Sailormoon fan!!!!

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