Final Fantasy 8 VIII Rinoa Heartilly Blue Sweater Knit Fabric Cosplay


~ You are purchasing 1 meter (1 meter = 1.09 yards) of blue sweater knit fabric to make your own Rinoa Heartilly costume. This is NOT for the costume but the fabric itself.

~ Fabric is 62 inches wide.

~ On average, you should need no more than 3 meters of fabric. Adjust the quantity to purchase 2 or 3 meters of of fabric.

~ Pictures shown are commissions of Rinoa costumes that we have made for customers using the sweater knit fabric.

~ Fabric is a wide ribbed sweater knit, just like the original!

~ This fabric too pricey for you? We have a budget Rinoa fabric here for $4 per meter.

~ Note that due to the heavy weight and volume of the fabric, we will have to ship via GROUND MAIL. Air mail is way too expensive to ship this fabric.

So mailing to Canada it can take 10-14 days, USA it will take 2-3 weeks, and internally it will take 4-6 weeks.

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